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Alaskan Odysseys

Oct 31, 2020

I've been pretty passionate about my projects this week. This episode is about why. I talk about what I've been up to that has me set to deliver a lot of content in the weeks ahead. I talk about some revelations from the last week and how they are changing the trajectory of the show and the content I...

Oct 29, 2020

It's 6 minutes long...Just listen. (wink)

Oct 29, 2020

This is just me all amped up and sharing something that's important to me. 

Listen to learn:

-why I just voted for the first time in my life

-how I voted

-what I think it means to "have something to say"

-and why I think political party lines are not needed in the information era. 

Please share this 10 minute rant with...

Oct 22, 2020

Twenty-some episodes in and I'm already saying that this will be one of my top discussions of all time? How can a guy be so confident?

Well, Listen and find out!

When you're done, shoot me a message and let me know if you valued the talk. 

Also, As the holidays approach, keep these great American companies in mind. 

Oct 2, 2020

More campfire listening...Enjoy!

Supported by these great small American businesses: 

Heather's Choice: Meals for adventuring. Promocode "Bootfuel" or "AKOD"

JetechInflatable boats: Get wild. Get after it. Get where no jet boat has gone before. 

Roving Blue: Check out the new GO! It attaches to your Nalgene...